Jewelry Care

Table of Contents

1. Sterling Silver Pendants
2. Gold Vermeil Pendants
3. Chains and Bracelets

    Sterling Silver Pendants

      Our exquisite sterling silver pendants undergo a process called electroplating with rhodium. This technique involves coating the silver with a layer of rhodium, a premium and more valuable precious metal compared to traditional 925 silver. By applying this rhodium layer, our jewelry retains its luster for an extended period and slows down the natural process of oxidation.

      Tarnishing occurs naturally as silver strives to return to its inherent state, which appears dark on the surface and gleaming within. When silver interacts with non-metal substances, it can develop hues of blue, yellow, red, brown, or even black. However, rest assured that this color change signifies genuine, authentic silver.

      To address any tarnishing you might notice, we've prepared a helpful video guide on why silver tarnishes and an effective cleaning technique. You can watch the video here: Why Silver Tarnishes and How to Clean It ⇝



       Gold Vermeil Pendants

      Our Gold Vermeil pendants undergo an electroplating process where a layer of 18K gold is carefully applied over a sterling silver base. This gold plating serves a similar purpose to rhodium-plated silver, delaying the tarnishing of the underlying silver. With 18K gold vermeil, you're getting a composition of 75% pure gold and 25% alloy, making it significantly more durable than solid gold. In fact, it stands as one of the highest-quality options for gold-toned jewelry, second only to solid gold itself.

      Cleaning gold vermeil jewelry requires a slightly different approach compared to sterling silver. Here's a simple guide:

      How to Clean Gold Vermeil Jewelry

      Step 1: Create a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap in a bowl.

      Step 2: Gently place your gold vermeil jewelry in the soapy water and let it soak for no more than 30 minutes.

      Step 3: After soaking, carefully remove the jewelry and use a soft toothbrush to delicately brush away any lingering dirt or particles.

      Step 4: Thoroughly rinse the jewelry under clean water to remove all traces of soap.

      Step 5: Pat the jewelry dry with a lint-free cloth to prevent water spots and ensure its shine.

      It's important to note that certain cleaning agents like rubbing alcohol and toothpaste should be avoided. These harsh chemicals can potentially strip away the delicate gold coating from the underlying base metal, which is not the desired outcome. By following these simple steps, you can keep your gold vermeil jewelry looking its best without compromising its quality and appearance.



      Chains and Bracelets

      Premium Marine Grade Stainless Steel stands as the ideal metal choice for men's chains and bracelets due to its exceptional qualities: it's waterproof, heatproof, resistant to tarnishing, and hypoallergenic. If you're familiar with the exacting standards of the United States Marines, you'll recognize their demand for top-tier equipment to fulfill their duties. Marine grade stainless steel embodies the pinnacle of corrosion resistance and toughness. Notably, it's relied upon to shield ships from the unforgiving elements of the ocean, a testament to its durability and reliability.

      To maintain the pristine condition of marine grade stainless steel, follow these straightforward steps:

      Cleaning Marine Grade Stainless Steel:

      Step 1: Moisten a cleaning pad and apply a small amount of dish soap to it. Rub the pad over the area.

      Step 2: Rinse the cleaned area thoroughly with clean water.

      Step 3: Use a glass cleanser to spray the area, ensuring the removal of any residual particles.

      Step 4: Rinse the area once more with water.

      Step 5: Carefully dry the surface using a clean cloth, ensuring it is completely free of moisture.

      By adhering to these uncomplicated steps, you can preserve the impeccable appearance of your marine grade stainless steel jewelry, ensuring it remains as striking and resilient as when you first acquired it.